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Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Tai Chi Mastery Program

Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Tai Chi Mastery Program

Date: 06-11-2016
Category: Tutorials
Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Tai Chi Mastery Program

Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Tai Chi Mastery Program
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3 PDF Books
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The 'Best' Way to Learn Tai Chi: The Tai Chi Mastery Program contains over 65 hours of lessons on DVDs and online. Although this will never take the place of a real teacher, I feel this program this will enable these teachings to reach those who do not have the time or money to attend events. It is also important for those who don't have a high-level teacher nearby. This program contains master-level lessons that you can watch over and over for years to come. This is invaluable to anyone who is a committed student of tai chi. Some of my best teachings are included that I have NEVER released publically, material many teachers just don't know. You can watch a master do a form, but very few can pull out all the details that make that form powerful. I will also mention here that we are in the process of scheduling some LIVE Tai Chi Mastery Program member-only events in the future - so stay tuned.

Tai Chi Short From Training DVDs:

Delivered in TWO installments, the lessons and DVDs were taken directly from a FOUR-WEEK tai chi instructor training [total value of the one hundred who attended the 28-day instructor training was $4495]. It contains detailed instruction on the internal components and move of the 27 move Wu Tai Chi Short Form with consistent references to the Yang Style of Tai Chi. References to the Chen style are made when possible You will be guided move by move in great detail to understand both the external movements and what is inside each move.

Tai Chi Fighting Applications DVDs

In the Tai Chi Mastery Program, Bruce Frantzis is constantly pointing at how each move is directly related to martial applications, especially in the Level 2 material, but in this focused workshop he explains in detail the main martial fighting applications for tai chi.

In this 2-DVD SET:

Fighting Application Lesson 01 - Introduction & Fighting Applications
Fighting Application Lesson 02 - Peng
Fighting Application Lesson 03 - Lu
Fighting Application Lesson 04 - Lu Training Progression
Fighting Application Lesson 05 - Maintaining Visual Awareness
Fighting Application Lesson 06 - The Four Energies of Tai Chi
Fighting Application Lesson 07 - Spiritual Martial Arts
Fighting Application Lesson 08 - An
Fighting Application Lesson 09 - Cloud Hands & Fan Through the Back
Fighting Application Lesson 10 - Origins of Internal Power
Fighting Application Lesson 11 - Shoulder Stroke
Fighting Application Lesson 12 - Attacking in Tai Chi
Fighting Application Lesson 13 - Transitioning from Push Hands to Fighting

Tai Chi Classics DVD Set

Recorded over four nights, the Tai Chi Classics program is a unique series of talks about the practical use of the Tai Chi Classics for the practice of tai chi. Bruce offers a unique viewpoint, based on his study of tai chi in Chinese with the masters he studied with in China.

Tai Chi for Beginners

After you join the program you will receive online access to 40 lessons that you can watch online or download to your computer. Tai Chi for Beginners is the perfect starter course and covers the Wu Short Form up to the Single Whip Movement.

Here is what is in the program:

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Tai Chi
Lesson 2 - Preparing to do Tai Chi
Lesson 3 - Breathing and Feeling Your Body
Lesson 4 - Lengthening from the Spine
Lesson 5 - The Four Energies of Tai Chi
Lesson 6 - Elbows Face the Ground
Lesson 7 - The Three Circles of Tai Chi
Lesson 8 - Hand and Feet Movements
Lesson 9 - Movement 2 - Arm Movements
Lesson 10 - Movement 2 - Arm Movements Part Two
Lesson 11 - Yang and Wu Style Differences
Lesson 12 - Movement 3 - Hand Movements
Lesson 13 - Movement 3 - Balance and Leg Movements
Lesson 14 - Movement 4 - Turning Waist
Lesson 15 - Movement 4 - Balancing the 6 Combinations
Lesson 16 - Keeping the Dang Open
Lesson 17 - Movements 4 & 5 - Basics of Peng and Liu
Lesson 18 - Movement 5 - Absorption
Lesson 19 - Movement 6 - Comparing Wu and Yang Styles
Lesson 20 - Movement 6 - Legs: Bend and Tuck
Lesson 21 - Movement 6 - Twisting Inward and Outward
Lesson 22 - Rotating, Twisting and Spiraling
Lesson 23 - Practicing Tai Chi when Injured
Lesson 24 - Connecting the Joints of the Body
Lesson 25 - Movement 7 - Relaxing your Optic Nerves
Lesson 26 - Movement 7 - Relaxing the Chest
Lesson 27 - Movement 7 - Push Downward Practice
Lesson 28 - Movement 7 - Hand and Arm Movements
Lesson 29 - Movement 8 - Introduction to Single Whip
Lesson 30 - Movement 8 - Arm and Hand Movements
Lesson 31 - Movement 8 - Single Whip Stance
Lesson 32 - Movement 8 - Single Whip Refinements
Lesson 33 - Tai Chi for Meditation
Lesson 34 - Stay Within Seventy Percent
Lesson 35 - Movement 8 - Getting Into Single Whip
Lesson 36 - Movement 8 - Stretching Chest and Legs
Lesson 37 - Movement 8 - Central Channel and Meditation
Lesson 38 - Movement 8 - Meditation Conclusion
Lesson 39 - Conclusion: Overcoming Your Mind
Lesson 40 - Bonus Lesson: Tai Chi Fighting Applications

Tai Chi Circling Hands

Tai Chi Circling Hands exercise method teaches you how to do all the essential circular movements, alignments and weight shifting contained within any Tai Chi form. Within these movements you can also practice everything you learn in Heaven and Earth Qigong and dramatically increase the energy level in your body.

The three Circling Hand movements are simple to learn and provide an ideal physical and energetic workout. Circling Hands offers an easy and dynamic way for instructors to teach the external movement principles and the internal qi practices of tai chi. It prepares students to learn any tai chi form and opens the door to experience the deeper healing aspects of tai chi.




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